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My name is Angel-Ty L. and I'm a Paid Media Specialist focused on habits and systems to bring businesses more money. I combine ideas from a wide range of best industry practices. My goal is to learn and share the most important concepts for building better Paid Media systems and mastering the routines that shape a profitable business. Check out my "no-fluff" blog above specfically for Real Estate Investors

I specialize specifically in the Real Estate Industry. I help bring Real Estate Investors more motivated seller leads online. If your a Real Estate Investor looking to take their online profitability seriously then i want to work together. Fill out the "Contact Me" form below and we'll schedule a totally free kick off call to see how I can bring you more money to your Real Estate bussiness!

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Real Estate Industry PPC Improvement

Ad copy

You must think of your ad copy as you're first line of defense. Your first line of defense should be the strongest.

Like a kingdoms towering walls, you must leave the ones who see this wall, aka your ad copy, feeling something that is in touch with their emotions.

Are you portraying a wall that is intimidating, to the point where nobody wants to enter or...

a welcoming appearance that makes people naturally drawn to it?

The Real Estate industry specifically portray the same bland "we buy houses", "we buy houses fast", and "we buy houses fast for cash"...

we have all seen it before, and you most likely say the same thing in your ad copy.

This is a problem because everyone is just copying each other, and when a motivated seller makes that search he/ and or she is looking for ways to differentiate all the options in the market.

No unique selling proposition *USP*

A unique selling proposition is a unique advantage that a company serves in their market. Nobody else should be able to claim your USP.

For Real Estate investors that something can be something along the lines of "close in 8 days guaranteed", "get a quote in 1hr", etc...

Your USP needs to separate you from the other 50 companies buying houses in your market. If you regurgitate the same crap everyone else in your market promotes, how will anyone tell the difference?

Now sure you might get by with deals here and there but think about the competition that can't seem to be touched. I would bet my last dollar they have a stronger USP than anyone else in their market.

The nameless faceless company

Too often than not you'll land on the local " I buy houses" company website, and you will not find a human in sight, no personalization, nothing but a nameless faceless company that buys houses.

That is all your company will symbolize. Many can't just make a connection with a company that speaks nothing about themselves, the team, a testimonial, just a whole lot of nothing.

Now if your website is the foundation of your company you're going to want to take the time to personalize the website with credentials, testimonials, show who the CEO is, who the team is, anything that makes the company seem that it's ran by a real person and is trustworthy.

What is good to note is to make sure you add plenty of social proof to the website.

Are you BBB accredited, have you gotten any video testimonials from past home sales, do you have an office someone can visit, etc...

People are naturally looking for things that will discredit your business, so you're going to want to be there to reuse them you're going to deliver the best service no questions asked

Not monitoring PPC campaigns/ actively testing

Specifically, PPC related, it appears Real Estate Investors who use PPC think they can set it and forget it. That is the biggest NO NO of 2018 right there.

Your ad account is your baby and you need to nourish it into a superstar Doctor.

During the growing stages, treat your account as if your testing what color looks best on little Juliana, however, remember there is over 1 million possible coloration.

Your account needs to be constantly monitored and optimized for a profitable ROI. Testing over and over and over.

When testing these different creatives, you can't just not actively change things, but not tracking the data. Refrain from injecting emotion into your marketing but rather the physical data.

Operate according to these key performance indicators and actively test to know what is going to increase your bottom line.

Not spending enough on advertising

This is one of the biggest problems within the Real Estate Industry. Along with almost all forms of marketing, it may just take some time before you see results, SEO takes close to 7 months sometimes before you start to see results.

PPC usually takes around 3 months before you pass the break-even point where you start to see a more positive ROI or longer.

Most Real Estate Investors will just throw a number they think they can spend per month, let's say $500. Now being that first off, the AdWords account was just created, and they are in a decently competitive market. Being that their account is new alone will already raise the price of what it's going to cost to get that first deal.

Yet most will quit before they even spend the necessary amount to even get enough leads.

Do not make the mistake of operating without knowing the ballpark amount you need to be spending and consider the time needed to surface a deal


Re-strategize how your marketing is done.

The purpose of your website is to convert, and you can drive all the traffic to the site you want, but if the site doesn't convert then it's all a waste.

Take your nameless faceless company website and revitalize it with fresh testimonials, social proof, a USP coupled with motivated traffic from PPC and or SEO and you'll be closing deals left and right!

If all of this made your eyes cross, you’re not alone. There are a lot of businesses that understand the fundamentals of PPC and paid Facebook advertising, but just don’t have the time to dive deeper into it to make successful ads on their own. And that’s ok.

We understand that you’re a Real Estate Investing expert, not an online marketing expert. Learning how to research, create, run, and analyze a paid ad strategy isn’t in your wheelhouse.

That’s why we offer a professionally managed PPC advertising service specifically for your Real Estate Investing business. Let us manage your paid advertisements for your business so that you’re not just throwing away your valuable time and money.

If you’re looking for PPC advertising for Real Estate Investors, then you’ve come to the right place.

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SEO vs PPC for Real Estate Investors


Should I start with SEO or PPC? The answer to this is simple, do both.

You must be utilizing both to fully maximize revenue opportunities. If you only focus on PPC and not SEO you will be missing out on high amounts of traffic organically and vice versa

But how exactly would you do both?...


First, you clearly need a website and or a landing page set up to collect leads through the traffic that you get.

Make sure the website is conversion optimized and has google analytics installed on the pages of your website.

We are going to start out with PPC first since it has a very early break-even point where you will start to see a positive ROI on your ad spend.

Once your website is up you will now be able to start running paid traffic and optimizing for SEO. Congrats!

For beginner's sake choose whichever paid advertising platform you are comfortable with like (i.e. Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads, etc...).

For this example, we are just going to start with Adwords. To make this sweet & easy I'm going to break down how to set up your first campaign in 7 simple steps.

The main goal of this campaign is to get people to a form on your website/landing page to get pre-qualified.

Choose campaign type and name. You're going to go ahead and select "search network" and then give your campaign a name. I personally name campaigns with the date and an abbreviated version of the goal (i.e. 1-30-18: SL-Pre-Qual).

Select whatever geographic location your market is in. This will be where your ads will show

Choose your bid strategy and set your daily budget. If you are brand spanking new to AdWords, read up a little on manual bidding before trying it, use automatic for now. As for setting up your budget, you will need to do the math. Check here for how to calculate a budget based on getting one deal (max invest. ✖ amount of deals wanted) ➗ 30 = daily budget

Create your first ad group & write your ad. Create ad group based on relevant keywords. when creating your ad, you're given

  • Headline: 25 character limit
  • 2nd line: 35 character limit
  • 3rd line: 35 character limit
  • 4th line: Display URL

Enter Keywords. Start with a hand full of important keywords not thousands. Also, take use of Adwords match types. You can find a rundown of match types and how / when to use them here

Set max CPC. Set your "default bid" distributed throughout the keywords rather than exhaust your budget for more expensive keywords. This is where proper keyword research comes into place.

Review everything & Enter billing. Make sure everything looks as planned. More often than not people will have a light slip up and perhaps set the daily budget wrong, set wrong match type, etc...


Once your campaign is up and running make sure to monitor and optimize it

Now while simultaneously running paid traffic start working on SEO as soon as possible.

Having good SEO allows you to rank #1 on google for keywords which accounts for near 30% of clicks. Remember, unlike PPC, SEO is a much longer process so the sooner you start the better.

Highly relevant content. Googles crawlers are looking at the text on the page, the title, and descriptions that are given.

Performance. Your site needs to be loading quickly. it also needs to work properly.

Authority. Your site needs good enough content to where other sites link your website as a reference.

User experience. The site needs to be navigable and compatible with mobile and other devices. Users must find it easy to navigate and use. Not having this great user experience usually results in a high bounce rate, which negatively affects your rankings.

Meta-data. Content on your sites should include title tags and meta description


This is a very general description but gives you the idea of what you need to be looking for.

To recap you need to be running traffic while also implementing SEO.

If you are new to running paid traffic and SEO, then start with a smaller budget for PPC and implement basic SEO practices that generally anyone can do.

later, you will find it smarter to outsource your digital marketing which will enable you more time to focus more on investing but to also take your digital marketing to another level.

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The Formula to Find Motivated Sellers Through Facebook ads

It's clear that most Real Estate Investors & Agents are having little to no success with Facebook platform, other than posting in a group and using the marketplace.

I believe this is since not many are utilizing Facebooks features, not having a converting landing page, and their ads are too generic

Here is a funnel designed to bring qualified leads

Campaign #1

Start with creating a campaign with the "engagement" objective. At the ad set level, you're going to want to be targeting a broad audience.

When targeting use the demographics and behaviors of your target audience (i.e. likely to move, divorced, homeowner, etc...). Keep in mind the whole point of this campaign is to find qualified seller leads.

As for the ad, you're going to want to do video. It has the most engagement among its counterparts, and you are going to be able to retarget those who watched a certain percentage of the video, which I will discuss later in the post.

Remember it takes on average 7 interaction with a product or service for a user to act. For that reason, this video is to educate the user, your video should be no longer than a minute long.

You want to make sure you effectively hook them in the first 5-10 seconds of the video.

In the ad, you're going to want to identify their problem, provide the solution, explain benefits, and then close out with a call to action.

Usually, the CTA would be to direct the user to a landing page (THAT CONVERTS) where they can fill out a pre-qualifying form.

You want to make sure you also have a "thank you" page that the user gets brought to after filling out the form.

Be sure to have your Facebook pixel installed on to your landing page and "thank you" page.

Optimize, optimize, optimize... I cannot say this enough. Even much of professional account managers will not have a winning ad first time around. For this reason, split testing is a must.

When split testing make sure to only change one variable at a time, otherwise you wouldn't really know what works and what doesn't.

Once you get your first ad running DO NOT touch it for at least a week. Way too many times do people try to change something in their ad.

Facebook is optimizing it and you will be just messing it up by changing anything.

Campaign #2

Now here is where it gets fun, create another campaign with the objective being "traffic".

The purpose of this campaign is to retarget the people who watched a majority of the video (around 95%). You can do this by creating a custom audience from the people that viewed your ad.

Create a video ad that focuses more on getting them to your landing page where they will fill out the pre-qualifying form.

Campaign #3

For the last part of the funnel, you're going to create another campaign set to the "conversion" objective.

This campaign is to target those who have visited your site but didn't fill out the form. Make sure to create a custom conversion for when your leads hit the "thank you" page.

The ad for this campaign should be another video ad. In the ad make sure to make a very strong call to action. You want these potential leads to go back to your site and fill out the form.

Now, remember you need to optimize the funnel over time. You can play around with this funnel and tailor it to your liking.

Maybe you want to try messenger marketing or use a lookalike audience. Get creative with your marketing.

Make sure you are rotating your ads out after a while. It's a good practice so people don't get tired of seeing your ad.

Once your system is highly optimized you will start seeing tremendous ROIs on your ad spend.

Just remember to plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

DO NOT just go into it blind with no proper planning.

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